​Everyone Is Apologizing to Joe Jonas for Not Believing Him About the My Chemical Romance Reunion

Photo: Stephen McGill

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Nov 1, 2019

Twitter is often a horrible place filled with unconscionable insults, but today it is filled with humility and kindness, as many are using the social media platform to apologize to Joe Jonas.
Jonas leaked the news of a My Chemical Romance reunion back in June, revealing that the band had been rehearsing in the space next to him and his Jonas Brothers, despite having been on hiatus since 2013.
No one seemed to take the guy too seriously, though, because there was still plenty of shock and excitement when MCR officially announced their return yesterday (October 31).
Now, the non-believers are flocking to Twitter to apologize to the middle Jonas Brother for not believing him in the first place.
See some of the hilariously heartfelt apologies below.

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