The Evaporators "Hot Dog High" (ft. Sage Francis/Xaul Zan & Megan Barnes) (video)

The Evaporators 'Hot Dog High' (ft. Sage Francis/Xaul Zan & Megan Barnes) (video)
Canadian treasure Nardwuar the Human Serviette has gone on record several time to praise the Skookum Chief hamburger sold at the Tomahawk Barbeque in North Vancouver, but he and his Evaporators buddies celebrate another cut of meat in their new video for Busy Doing Nothing track "Hot Dog High."

Filmed at the Tomahawk, the clip finds the band and a bunch of customers happily raising their buns and wieners high in the sky. It's much, much more innocent than you think.

As patrons pull a Lady and the Tramp on a footlong, Nardwuar dishes on his favourite culinary institution: a hot dog high.

Check out the video for "Hot Dog High," which comes with guest spots from Sage Francis/Xaul Zan and Megan Barnes, below.