The Evaporators "Busy Doing Nothing" (video)

The Evaporators 'Busy Doing Nothing' (video)
Beloved Canadian garage rocker/journalist Nardwuar the Human Serviette is back with another video for his impending Busy Doing Nothing compilation. First up, we saw Nard and his Evaporators jam inside a radio station with Andrew W.K. for "I Hate Being Late (When I'm Early)," and now you can catch the group (sans their party rocker friend) bashing it out under some sunny weather for the collection's title cut.

Down below you'll see the Joey McGarry-helmed stop-motion clip, which uses oodles of shots captured by photographer William R. Jans at last summer's Khatsalano! Music + Arts Festival in Vancouver. As you may have guessed, Jans took the photo the band ended up using for the album cover.

Like many Evaporators gigs, the clip finds the overjoyed frontman, decked out in a Captain Canuck costume, surfing the crowd while playing his Ace Tone organ. Whether on the faces of the band or the mugs of those that attended the outdoor concert, there's a whole lot of smiles captured in these snaps.

As previously reported, Busy Doing Nothing arrives March 6 via Mint/Nardwuar Records.