Evaline Postpartum Modesty. A portrait of skin.

Five boys hailing from Central Valley in California have just released a six-track EP that is just phenomenal. Their sound is driving and melodic, layered and poignant, and seemingly draws influences from all over the board, resulting in a sound that’s part Moneen, part At the Drive-In, and thrown together with vocal arrangements reminiscent of something like Coheed and Cambria meets Taking Back Sunday. The hooks sink in with the first track, titled "La De Da,” which is drastically better than the track title itself, and will have you singing: "Step away from my lips, step away from my throat” for days. The energetic and slightly vindictive momentum is kept throughout to the end, while also delving into glimpses of the softly spoken moments at the perfect time. These Turlock, CA boys show real potential with their sound and will hopefully continue to keep the bearing they are currently speeding towards because these are six tracks that will leave you hanging for more. (Glorious)