Eugene Chadbourne The History of the Chadbournes: Honky Tonk Im Nachtlokal

Eugene Chadbourne is the uncle you wish you had: unkempt, slightly nuts, slightly smelly (B.O. and beer), bitchin’ guitar/banjo player, willing to aid and abet your crazy shit and, to his everlasting credit, the bane of your parents. This album traces the history of the Chadbournes (the small old time combo) through a series of live recordings that feature everything from traditional repertoire ("Rabbit in the Peapatch”) roaring through country honk by Loretta Lynn and Buck Owens, and crashing into Rogers and Hammerstein and Roland Kirk. Various bands play mandolins, guitars, fiddles, electronics, trumpets and harmonicas in a deliriously giddy teardown of acid country meets Spike Jones through free improvisation. Every roots/country/bluegrass music fan should own a copy of this CD and file it under ‘S” for sense of humour. I think it is physically impossible to be in a crappy mood after listening to it and on top of it all, it’s on a label that is known for highly abstract free improv. If they have a sense of humour, so can you. (Leo)