Et Sans Pas Noussss Touss les Trous de Vos Cranes

What began in Montreal in 2001 as a long-form drone-based collaboration between Fly Pan Am (and ex-Godspeed You! Black Emperor) guitarist Roger Tellier-Craig and the Shalabi Effect’s Alexandre St-Onge has grown into a whole new kind of modern psychedelic beast with this wild departure of a sophomore album. Pas Noussss enlists three further members from Montreal’s incestuous post-rock music community, including A Silver Mt. Zion violinist Sophie Trudeau, to lend their skilled hands in crafting this captivating onslaught of experimental fervour. Et Sans ebb and flow as a fluid unit to emulate ethereal trance (the enlightened induction of "La Chose Nue Nue Nue du L’Amoncellement Spectral du Mal”), Krautrock stomp (the Faust-quoting peaks and valleys of "Une Bouche Vegetale, des Creatures Soufflent des Secretions du Tout Fout le Camp”), and a dominant affection for Brooklyn’s thriving pixel-psych movement (Black Dice, Excepter, et al) that finds Et Sans pushing themselves to unhinged electronically processed extremes while adhering to their snappy, toe-tapping motorik beat or ritualistic drone-groove. Divided into four epic-length tracks, Pas Noussss has enough intriguing ideas and relentless energy jammed into its 45 glorious minutes to provide deepened listening for ages to come. Consider this album the Montreal community’s rite of passage from post-rock slogs to psychedelic warlords. (Alien8)