The Establishment Economy Radio

Picking up where At the Drive-In left off, the Establishment may just be the next big thing in indie rock. A trio hailing from Halifax, NS, their new album Economy Radio sure packs a punch. With plenty of mildly overdriven guitar, clever bass lines and tight drumming, songs like "Economy Radio” come with a smooth transition from a straight solid rock tune into more of a jam then back into its rock roots again. The album starts off with a slow melodic violin introduction, but don’t let that phase you because the CD does pick up. Though emotion is quite noticeable and can be felt clearly, the band’s live performance is also nothing to be reckoned with. The Establishment are one of those bands that can fit a bill with all different types of other bands and still make a good, lasting impression. The production itself on the album is pretty good but could’ve been mastered a little louder. (No Scene)