The Esoteric With the Sureness of Sleepwalking

For a while it seemed like Prosthetic’s potential was boundless. Their early artists released a number of inventive albums and pushed the boundaries of metal into new and diverse realms. This progressive mentality has all but disappeared from their recent releases, including the Esoteric’s latest. Though members have previously performed in innovative acts including Coalesce, Theta and Today is the Day, their brand of rock isn’t creative or obscure. The album begins on a deceivingly metallic note, uncharacteristic of the emotional Poison the Well inclinations that drive the rest of the record. The soft, recurring picking, layered over slowly strummed chords and intense delay, kills the potential of other structural elements. This includes the breakdowns, which combine a witty technical sensibility and Stretch Arm Strong’s stabbing intensity. Occasional riffs are also somewhat redeeming, reminiscing ETID’s bastardised Southern rock with a bit of dumbed-down Suicide Note for heaviness. Regardless, the dramatic PTW moments are enough to make this album another unremarkable coaster courtesy of Prosthetic. (Prosthetic)