Esh the Monolith The A.D.D.Ventures of an E.ccentric S.uper H.ero

Hip-hop super villain MF Doom may have finally met his match with eccentric superhero Esh the Monolith, who describes himself on "Oddventures of Esh” as "Bruce Wayne on a budget... Luke Cage with a stomach.” With plenty of superhero references and samples, Esh re-imagines himself as a self-deprecating, booze guzzling, weed smoking superhero worthy of a team like Mystery Men. Still, he hits on a few other concepts and subjects, like his tagline spouting on "Slow Gunz,” his breakdown of all things paper on "Paper Pushers” or his examination of life as a youth in the modern age on "Tragic Pediatrics.” He also brings along his Labeless Illtelligence homies for a little more variety, although it’s label head Cas Uno whose unconventional flow is the best counterpoint to Esh’s tight but more straightforward style on "Anti Cymbal Monkey Movement” and weed anthem "Extinguished Gentlemen.” But Esh doesn’t just excel on the mic; he opts to lay down all of the production on The A.D.DVentures of an E.ccentric S.uper H.ero, giving the album a dark vibe with the boom-bap of banging drums, whether the beat is rough, rugged and raw or smooth and spacey. The result is a well-rounded album that’s a must for the collection of any underground hip-hop fan. (Labeless Illtelligence)