Erykah Badu "I Been Goin Thru It All"

Erykah Badu 'I Been Goin Thru It All'
In what she dubbed a "Happy 420 Remix," Erykah Badu dropped another new track late last night (April 20). The cut is titled "I Been Goin Thru It All" and is a reinterpretation of a song by Wintertime.
The up-and-coming producer seems appreciative of the new version, voicing his approval on Twitter.
As the song's title implies, the track hears Badu running through a string of personal tribulations in her signature sultry flow, atop a booming R&B beat.
The reworking of Wintertime's track follows Badu's recently shared fresh take on Kanye West's "Real Friends" (renamed to "Trill Friends"). Give it a listen below.