Erup "Click My Finger" (Poirier Remix)

Erup 'Click My Finger' (Poirier Remix)
This song is in no way related to George Clinton's stinky "Hey Man, Smell My Finger" album.

Erup is a rising young dancehall artist whose first big success was "Click My Finger" which peaked at #85 on Billboard's R&B chart. While this doesn't seem like massive success, it represents a solid commercial showing for an artist who is thus far removed from Jamaica's musical power brokers, not to mention the continued resistance of urban radio stations across the USA to program dancehall into regular rotation — though it reached #9 on New York's influential HOT 97.

However, Erup has succeeded with a more diverse range of tastemakers who spread the word about this song online. Now, over a year after the song first entered the Billboard chart (almost a year after the song's release in late 2007), yet another wave of interest in the song is building. This month, the track was featured on So You Think You Can Dance Canada which augurs well for the Canadian-flavoured remix EP to be issued by Truckback Records due November 3.

Poirier (who has officially dropped 'Ghislain' from his professional name) and Grahm Zilla (Thunderheist etc.) have each contributed remixes, as have Nick Catchdubs (Fools Gold) and Lunice.

Poirier's mix (using the "Untrust" rhythm) brings his typically lazer sharp beats and synth stabs to bear on Erup's vocal track which seem tailor made for this sound.

Listen to "Click My Finger" below, but be aware — as Troy McClure says "it gets a little blue…"