Equation Hazy Daze

“Kissing Crime” is a powerful indictment of incest as Kathryn Roberts’s waif-like voice builds into a passionate vibrato that recalls the authority of Natalie Merchant. The glorious music soars and the tone is set for an exquisite debut by England’s Equation. Sean and Seth Lakeman are a potent string team whose combination of violin, guitars and mandolin animate this music, from the driving numbers to ballads like “Myself,” “Communion,” “Sad the Girl” and “Choose Your Moves.” They also composed the music. Sean’s wonderful knack for creating passionate minimalist riffs in “Kissing Crime,” “Sister,” “Ataxia,” “Strange Love,” “My World” and “Sad the Girl” convey the essence of this band’s unforgettable signature sound. If you dig contemporary Celtic music, Equation supplies the fresh solutions that you’ve been waiting for. (Putumayo)