Enormicon Storm of Swords

Choked and smoky, Enormicon fit the labels stoner metal and psychedelic rock well. Their new EP, Storm of Swords, also incorporates a large amount of post-rock, in the clean vocals and heavy rhythm section. However, Enormicon are a band that reach beyond the reductive confines of genre, managing to do so in the content and concept of this album as much as in the sound. Storm of Swords chronicles the legends of a fictional place called Gargantua, a brutal, primordial landscape dominated by aggression. The subject matter is epic and fantastical enough to be power metal, and it's refreshing to see that completely removed form the usual aesthetic ― stoner music needs to strengthen its relationship with spec-fic. The lyrics are also particularly well written. "The Gargantuan" features the line: "grease the wheels of war" and "Dark Forces" brandishes the phrase: "The meek shall inherit out steel in their guts." The subject matter suits the album's sound, which is characterized by super-heavy bass lines that serve as the anchor and rudder of each song. Storm of Swords is full of big, rumbling rhythms and a sense of things shaking into place, tumbling and clattering, but just happening to come out in the right shape. (Independent)