Enemy of the Sun


BY Elliott MinaradiPublished Jan 24, 2008

Choosing a Neurosis reference as your band name is a ballsy and provocative move, as it means a sea of people will be waiting to hear if you’ve shamed them or become something worth rooting for. In the case of Enemy of the Sun, the results are mixed and altogether frustrating. The band are competent, even talented, executing a brand of melodic thrash at the intersection of Meshuggah, Faith No More and Lamb Of God. The primary problem is the production: it’s thin, over-compressed and acts as a perpetual barrier to taking them seriously. This is especially evident when the guitarist chooses to go clean, making otherwise memorable tracks like "Feel The Beating” sound like a digital abortion. The awkward lyrics can also be distracting but as a metal fan, you’ve probably learned to ignore them by now. Overlooking these faults, we have a band with real potential and poise, perhaps one eventually even deserving of Neurosis’s indirect endorsement. Until then…
(The End)

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