Endast Black Cloud

Montreal's Endast are one of Canada's heaviest independent bands. Since forming in 2004, the unit have brought their atomic blasts of thrash metal across Canada. Now on album number three, Endast return with a vengeance, proving you don't need a record label to release an album that will inspire a new generation of metal-heads. Without exaggeration, Black Cloud is a masterpiece of musicianship and crushing heavy music ― this album is so heavy it likely has its own gravitational pull. Every member of the band is in top form on Black Cloud: Big James Arsenian's Phil Anselmo-sounding sonic booms are amongst the most memorable you'll hear anytime soon; Chris Arsenian and Pepe Poliquin (guitars) shred their way into territory previously unheard of; while Blair Youngblut (drums) and Ryan Miller (bass) create rhythms that could disrupt your home's foundation. When listening to Endast, one immediate comparison is Pantera; however, this isn't a case of a derivative, wannabe band. Endast create something of their very own with Black Cloud, incorporating all of heavy music's best elements. Around every corner each track delivers surprises that continually set a new standard for heavy music in Canada ― and just about anywhere else for that matter. (Independent)