Emptyset Emptyset

Once the city with the most reconstruction in Europe, Bristol, UK has produced its share of artists that destroy and reinvent sound, be it through techno, dubstep, drone or experimental electronica. Bristol duo Emptyset fit well into this context of destruction and regeneration, with a debut album that explores the shapes, textures, fissures and structures of pure minimal techno while not bothering to dwell on filling up the spaces and canvasses being created. Bass, in supremely low frequencies, is Emptyset's preferred tool of exploration. With no melodies or harmonies to latch onto, this album requires concentration as much as it requires the listener to allow the mind to be wiped empty with sound. Fans of classic minimal techno, as well as those attuned to artists like Alva Noto, will undoubtedly find this an interesting listen. (Caravan)