Employer, Employee Discography

Many bands are lauded as progressive for inadvertently pairing up a couple of musical sub-genres and forging something modestly unique. When hearing the strains of long defunct Austin, TX outfit Employer, Employee on this compilation of their humble history, those bands deserve to slapped. Considering that majority of this material was issued before the turn of the millennium, hearing a band combine aggressive hardcore with droning doom metal riffs and throat-tearing vocals most grindcore bands can't manage, while still being infinitely fascinating, well, it's no wonder they didn't go anywhere. Their music was far too advanced and all encompassing for us linear extreme music fans to embrace. Still, now that we've managed to accept that a band can weave together aspects of Cannibal Corpse, early At The Drive-In, Converge and Mayhem and not sound like a bag of feral cats being drowned, maybe Discography will see them gain some posthumous respect for inspiring some of the change that has kept this scene motivated for so long. (Robotic Empire)