Employed to Serve Eternal Forward Motion

Employed to Serve Eternal Forward Motion
UK metalcore act Employed to Serve made an unusually swift breakthrough with their 2017 sophomore album, The Warmth of a Dying Sun, going from relatively unknown to a household name in underground hardcore circles overnight. It's no surprise then that the band capitalized on their momentum with another spectacular record on Eternal Forward Motion.
Much like their last, this record kicks into full gear right from the start. "Eternal Forward Motion" creates chaos through blast beats and technical riffing before breaking into mid-tempo grooves and breakdowns. Part of the reason Employed to Serve managed to break out was their ability to straddle accessible metalcore melodies while staying grounded in more extreme sides of hardcore. This capability comes through perfectly on singles "Harsh Truth" and "Force Fed."
Wider attention hasn't compromised the band's willingness to explore the heavier side of metalcore though. "Dull Ache Behind My Eyes" is as close to the perfect mosh song a band could make, packed with rapid-fire mathcore riffs leading into a jaw-dropping feedback-induced breakdown reminiscent of Code Orange.
The band lean into nu-metal grooves a bit more on Eternal Forward Motion than they did on The Warmth of a Dying Sun, but this never leads to cheesy gimmicks. "Suspended In Emptiness" and "Owed Zero" are prime examples of how the band can take a groove riff and turn it into something brutal, while still sounding accessible.
The record's name describes perfectly what Employed to Serve do with this release. Instead of succumbing to the pitfalls many bands face when they experience some level of unexpected success, the band managed to build their sound into a slightly more composed and settled version of themselves. The album is captivating from beginning to end, and shows Employed to Serve have mastered the art of making chaos digestible. (Spinefarm)