Emily Jane White Dark Undercoat

Emily Jane White’s brand of "dark folk” music was carved out during her time spent at UC Santa Cruz in early 2000. Inspired by artists like Nick Cave and P.J. Harvey, and driven by her interest in cultural mythologies, White made Dark Undercoat a chilling but honest exploration of the more demonic side of the human personality. The album features doleful instrumentals that trudge behind White’s wispy vocals, creating shadows of light and dark within her music. On "Hole In The Middle,” White sings: "Everybody’s got a little hole in the middle/Everybody does a little dance with the devil.” "Time On Your Side” kicks things up a notch but White doesn’t let go of her cold reality: "Not much to do when you’ve got time on your side/You sit and think about your wasted life.” Without a doubt, Dark Undercoat is an album that won’t be passed by, simply because Emily Jane White can help you find beauty in the darkest corners of your bedroom. (Double Negative)