Emilio Guim Lullaby North

Toronto, ON-based, Ecuadorian native Emilio Guim has a fertile imagination and the courage to take artistic risks. Combining jazz and Latin influences, electronics and spoken word, the guitarist's ten tracks move in quantum jumps. "The Importance of Knowing How to Write a Letter Properly" is a spoken word non-sequitur-laden "lecture" delivered with mock self-importance by Fred Sengmueller; it's quirky and captivating. The next track, "Temporary Noise," is a mellow jazz piece with a beautiful melody interpreted by excellent altoist Daniel Easty, with allusions of Steve Coleman. "Aqui viene el tren" begins with a Latin rhythm and chant, morphing into a fusion-y rock out, returning to the theme. It works ― go figure. Tenor saxist Kelly Jefferson is big toned on "The Search For Happiness and Its Side Effects," where he blows tough, taut lines effortlessly. Guim's take on William Burroughs' iconic character in "Dr. Benway Is In" is light-hearted, positively jaunty, undercutting the guy's troubling medical practices. Throughout, Lullaby North is listenable and thought provoking. (Lullaby North)