Emcee Killa Mind of A Tehranist

There is a long lineage in music of artists spewing their political views and beliefs in their art. However, to many, the two should be as separate as church and state. But when it comes to political rap music, is it too much to ask that it sounds either like Public Enemy or perhaps even Rage Against The Machine? That bar would be too unrealistic for most artists to reach and unfortunately for Britain's Emcee Killa, this British-Iranian tries too hard to make "important" music on Mind of A Tehranist. Like most rappers from the UK, the accent limits his delivery and flow, and coupled with his strong political views (the cover features laser beams slicing through an eagle decorated with the American flag), forgettable beats and way too many English-referencing song titles ("More British," "Guns of Britain," "From England to Tehran"), this release surely doesn't need to be heard more than once. Let's hope this artist makes some improvements the next time around, otherwise he'd be well served to change his name to "Career Killa." (Dealermaker)