EMA "3Jane" (video)

EMA '3Jane' (video)
EMA's song "3Jane" is filled with fears about technology and privacy, and that uneasiness comes to life in the newly unveiled music video.

The clip for this dramatic ballad from The Future's Void shows Erika M. Anderson hanging out alone in a mansion while a near-identical cyborg watches expressionlessly. It's very cinematic, and the slow-motion visuals add to the sense of deadpan modern malaise.

It was directed by Y2K, who offered up this statement, indicating that EMA has a feature film in the works:

Somewhere between the prediction of a fully realized human-android and the watchful eye of surveillance technology, lies a conception of the reality we intended to create in "3Jane." Depicted therein are the dichotomies between the persona of the artist and her branded image, the human and the automata, the watched and the watcher, the real versus the ideal, and the merger of these dualities. Presented is a dream-like narrative scenario that touches on the inevitable union of humanity and technology. The concept for "3Jane" is part of a larger narrative we're currently developing in a feature film titled Uncanny Valley.

Watch it below. The Future's Void is out through Matador.