Elysion Fields New Beginnings

Elysion Fields's New Beginnings could have been big in 2005. Unfortunately, it's 2012 and "their" sound (actually As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage and their ilk's) is pretty dated. This metalcore band mash-up breakdowns, sung choruses and melodic death metal riffs so far removed from anything deadly sounding that the name itself is practically a bastardization. This is unfortunate because, in an age where metalcore brings to mind nothing but the low E string, Elysion Fields' attempts to expand are admirable. Unfortunately, any momentum provided by the mid-level As I Lay Dying riffs (think their inaugural line-up trying to write like their current one) and grizzly growls fall flat on their face with the introduction of flat choruses or flatulent breakdowns. While the title is misleading, as Elysion Fields aren't treading new ground, their influences are a welcome change for the stagnant metalcore genre. If they could pull it together, their next offering could leapfrog them ahead of much of the genre. (Innerstrength)