Elysia Lion of Judas

Elysia vocalist Zak Vargas has said that his band’s latest release, Lion of Judas, reminds him of Converge’s contributions to The Poacher Diaries, which almost immediately made me want to tear the band a new one. However, he has also said that it’s the composed brutality and emotion-laced tracks that most resemble the split’s sound, which settles me a little and even has me agreeing. From start to finish Lion of Judas rarely loses touch with its hard-hitting intent and doesn’t delve too far into typical subject matter. Instead, it focuses on such social and personal issues as women’s rights and losing touch with personal divinity, which demonstrate the band’s newfound maturity and lyrical finesse. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this band have totally conquered my interest but I will say that they’ve ignited it and have nothing to be ashamed of this go around. (Ferret)