Ellen Allien & Apparat Orchestra of Bubbles

Prolific producer, DJ and owner of Berlin-based label BPitch Control Ellen Allien collaborates with artist of similar accolades Apparat (aka Sascha Ring), also prolific producer, DJ and co-owner of Berlin-based label Shitkatapult. Orchestra of Bubbles combines Allien’s penchant for abstract electro and a heavy steady bass line with Apparat’s glitch-y and guttural tendencies. IDM beats and textures peep their brainy heads out of the syncopated rhythms that challenge the conventional 4/4 formula of most electro-tech production. This album skilfully swaggers down the line between electronic listening music and epic dance floor numbers, exploring the fringes of electro, techno and IDM. With rolling waves of distorted guitar cascading over quiet and subtle synth breakdowns, this album encapsulates a spectrum of moods: from the playful melancholy in "Way Out” as the catchy chord structure in Allien’s voice tugs at the strings of your heart, to the forgetful bliss of "Jet,” a cut most assuredly to make it and shake it on many dance floors. (BPitch Control)