Ellen Allien

Ellen Allien
LISm was originally created by BPitch boss Ellen Allien as a collaborative dance piece, performed as "Drama per Musica" under the direction of Alexander Roccoli and Séverine Rième. The piece starts on light, processed flutes transitioning to a repeating guitar figure and abstract sounds in its first half, then progresses to more bass-based sections in the last half, climaxing in a crescendo of sorts as it moves from slow, experimental uncertainty to beat-driven order. Nebulous words frame LISm, with "falling" being repeated with different inflections early, a sampled "dreaming of you" floating over the two-third mark, and "conscience" gracing the final section. Yet, the words only hint at the true meaning of the piece. It is an experience that needs to play out in a linear fashion, felt and absorbed through multiple senses.

How much of the form of LISm was a necessity of the choreography?
is freestyle with a choreographic background or ideas to bring on stage. Everything was very free; it came by itself after listening to the recorded instruments and building up sound collages with techno beats. The pleasure of arrangement arose through emotions and feelings. I wanted to create a surprising soundtrack showing different shades of music. "Drama Per Musica" was with script, stage timing and reading texts on stage. For LISM, I took the best parts out, transformed them and added new ones, also my vocals. The result is a completely different story.

How much did LISm evolve from its original context as a dance piece to the version on record?
I was also very free to compose what I wanted for "Drama Per Musica"; only some industrial noises were given from Alexander Roccoli. LISm is a very personal story with all the ideas flying around in my head brought together to tell one story, my story of the moment.

Were the words used in this piece personal choices, or based on the dance?
All the lyrics for LISm are new. "Falling" is a very interesting word for me… to let go due to drugs or love, to relax or to fall in life, feeling that everything is broke. It is kind of normal you only have to get up and to go on, as simple as it sounds. Life is like this. "Dreaming of you" means that I am a dreamer and it will never stop, dreamer forever.

The press photos and cover for this album show you submerged in water. How does that relate to the theme of the album?
To fall, to glide into water and to immerse was the idea. When I did the soundtrack, I felt like immersing myself into something, into music, to concentrate only on music without thinking of anything else.