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Dance & Sweep: Adventures of the Energy God

BY Brent HagermanPublished Feb 15, 2011

Continuing the tradition of DC-styled animated album covers, Dance & Sweep presents the Energy God as a superhero on a mission to bring dancehall back to life. Back to life from what? Dull parties and stale deejays, of course. The patron saint of outrageous hair has his sights set on Jamaica's dance culture and Dance & Sweep is nothing less than an invitation to party, and celebration of, everything dancehall stands for. Songs are named after dance moves ("Wine & Dip," "Shake it," "Swing") and epic party boasts ("Party Up in Here," "How We Do it") carry the message that Jamaicans party all night (with the possible sly meta-message that the lack of employment opportunities gives them little other choices). Included here are several Jamaican hits, including Usain Bolt favourite "Nuh Linga" and "How We Do It" with the man with a thousand voices, Bounty Killer. The odds are good that "In Jamaica" becomes a perennial anthem, as the song is geared towards telling the world that Jamaicans party way harder than the rest of us. And if the Energy God is any indication, that might be true. Dance & Sweep is a directive to get the party started, nothing more, nothing less. And it executes its orders perfectly.

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