El Coyote El Coyote

El Coyote El Coyote
El Coyote is what happens when a group of über-talented musicians spend an extra-long Montreal winter playing music together. The result is a Nashville-meets-Canadiana alt-country gem.
Angela Desveaux, Katie Moore and Michelle Tompkins handle songwriting, vocals and guitar. They are joined by Mike O'Brien on lead guitar, Andrew Horton on upright bass, Joe Grass on dobro and pedal steel, and Dave Payant on drums. The unassuming supergroup combine their distinct personal styles to create delicate vocals, some truly beautiful harmonies, and just the right amount of guitar and pedal steel atmospherics.
The ten tracks here are diaristic, small-town, peripatetic tales of love and toil, minus the emotional rubbernecking and longing. "Save time for living, it'll vanish like the sun," they croon on "Leaving Thunder." From the opening tracks, "Come Around" and "Only Temporary," through to "Another Day," "Tip Jar" and the closer "Begin Again," El Coyote effectively subverts the sad-country nostalgia trope with a velvety live-each-day-like-it's-your last aesthetic.
Recorded at Montreal's the Treatment Room, El Coyote's self-produced, self-titled album is technically the group's first output, but could easily pass for a collection of unearthed classics. (Independent)