Efterklang Members Unite with Tatu Rönkkö as Liima

Efterklang Members Unite with Tatu Rönkkö as Liima
Members of Danish avant-garde indie pop troupe Efterklang are apparently taking time off from the long-running band to put work into a new collaborative project with Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö called Liima.

News of the ensemble was revealed in a press release from 4AD, which notes that Liima comprises Efterklang founders Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg. The band have apparently been working together for a while, having made their live debut last summer at Finland's Our Festival.

While the foursome have yet to reveal plans for any studio recordings, Liima recently posted the Our Festival performance of their song "Woods" and a five-song live set recorded at Berlin's Vox-Ton Studio on SoundCloud. You can sample both streams down below.

Liima also have a handful of dates on the horizon, with the show info likewise found below.

Efterklang's last studio release was 2012's Piramida, which was later tied to a live album, The Piramida Concert, and a documentary.

Tour dates:

01/09 Istanbul, Turkey - Salon Iksv

01/10 Istanbul, Turkey - Salon Iksv

01/28 Berlin, Germany - Hau1 (CTM 2015)

01/30 Aarhus, Denmark - Atlas

01/31 Aalborg, Denmark - Northern Winter Beat

03/26 Copenhagen, Denmark - The Lake In Jazzhouse