Eekwol & Mils The List

For their third collaborative album, brother/sister duo Eekwol (raps) and Mils (producer), of Saskatoon, SK’s Innersoulflow, appear very comfortable together, as expected. Mils, who’s previously produced for the likes of L.A. underground heroes Luckyiam PSC, the Grouch and the rest of their Living Legends crew, provides his sister with a variety of very musical, layered productions. With a confident tough girl flow that’s occasionally betrayed by moments of vulnerability, Eekwol prefers dropping knowledge to bragging. She pleads for change over a number of songs but also raps about spirituality ("Magic”), quitting smoking ("Smoketine”) and the hardships of life with Dead Prez MC for first single "The Gauntlet.” Guest appearances also come from Def 3 and fellow Innersoulflow member Mass. The List is a beautiful, honest album that might just win Eekwol & Mils their second Aboriginal People’s Choice Award. (Osmose)