Eddy Current Suppression Ring Return with Rarities Comp

Eddy Current Suppression Ring Return with Rarities Comp
Australian post-punk greats the Eddy Current Suppression Ring have dropped three excellent albums in the last half-decade, earning the group a rabid cult fanbase across the world. Outside of these LPs, however, they've been prolific in releasing countless singles. Now, these songs will be collected on a new compilation.

The record is called So Many Things, and for good reason. As a press release explains, "Even after trimming, they ended up with a double album." The 22-track release will collect singles, rarities, demos and other oddities they had sitting on the back burner.

So Many Things will hit on November 22 via Goner Records. The tracklisting is available below and the cover is above.

So Many Things:

1. "So Many Things"
2. "Get Up Morning"
3. "You Don't Care"
4. "It's All Square"
5. "Precious Rose"
6. "Boy, Can I Dance Good"
7. "She's Dancing Away"
8. "You Let Me Be Honest With You"
9. "We'll Be Turned On"
10. "Demon's Demands"
11. "I'm Guilty"
12. "That Time Of Day"
13. "It Ain't Cheap"
14. "Noise In My Head"
15. "Sometimes"
16. "Iraq (it's On The Map)"
17. "Wet Cement"
18. "Hey Mum"
19. "Through The Trees"
20. "T.a.l.o.i.g.a."
21. "We Got The Beat"
22. "Rush To Relax"