Eddy Current Suppression Ring Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Twang-y, primitive and horribly recorded, Eddy Current Suppression Ring's eponymous debut is one of those late blooming albums. It's rather ugly at first but as the tracks unfold they reveal many subtle layers, delivered with the awkwardness of excited juvenility. No, there's nothing overly surprising about the band's Stooges-meets-Jay Reatard delivery of trashy garage rock but the quartet clearly have the ability to craft enduringly catchy songs. Once their hands are able to match the pace of their brains, they could overtake the genre as innovative leaders. With this simplistic effort though, they display a vast wealth of unrefined talent waiting to be shaped into streamlined aptitude. Until then, this melee of snooty, upbeat tunes offset with half-time warbling will have to do. (Goner)