Eddie Vedder to Release Ukulele Songs Alongside New Live DVD

Eddie Vedder to Release <i>Ukulele Songs</i> Alongside New Live DVD
We've already heard the first single, so we knew that the album announcement was on its way. Sure enough, Pearl Jam main main Eddie Vedder has just revealed the details of his upcoming solo album, Ukulele Songs, which is due out May 31.

The album contains 16 tracks, and features guest appearances from Cat Power and Swell Season singer Glen Hansard. Billboard reports that the latter lends his vocals to the Everly Brothers cover "Sleepless Nights."

Most of the songs are originals, many of which Vedder debuted live close to a decade ago. There is also a version of the Pearl Jam track "Can't Keep," which appeared on 2002's Riot Act.

The solo album will arrive alongside a live DVD entitled Water on the Road. It was recorded in Washington, DC, during solo performances on August 16 and 17 of 2008. Directed by Christoph Green and Fugazi's Brendan Canty, it contains tracks from Vedder's 2007 soundtrack for Into the Wild, along with Pearl Jam songs, covers, and cuts from Ukulele Songs.

Meanwhile, Pearl Jam are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary with reissues, a documentary and a planned weekend-long festival. They also have a new album in the works.

Ukulele Songs:

1. "Can't Keep"
2. "Sleeping by Myself"
3. "Without You"
4. "More Than You Know"
5. "Goodbye"
6. "Broken Heart"
7. "Satellite"
8. "Longing to Belong"
9. "Hey Fahkah"
10. "You're True"
11. "Light Today"
12. "Sleepless Nights" (ft. Glen Hansard)
13. "Once in Awhile"
14. "Waving Palms"
15. "Tonight You Belong to Me" (ft. Cat Power)
16. "Dream a Little Dream"

Water on the Road:

1. "The Canyon"
2. "Sometimes" 
3. "Trouble"
4. "Around the Bend"
5. "Girl from the North Country"
6. "Guaranteed"
7. "Setting Forth"
8. "Far Behind"
9. "No Ceiling"
10. "Rise"
11. "Golden State"
12. "Society"
13. "Forever Young"
14. "Ed Piano (Instrumental)"
15. "I'm Open"
16. "Man of the Hour"
17. "Driftin'"
18. "No More"
19. "You're True"
20. "Ukulele Interlude (Instrumental)"
21. "Unthought Known"
22. "Arc"
23. "Hard Sun"
24. "The Canyon (Reprise)"