Eddie Vedder "Sleeping by Myself" (video)

Eddie Vedder 'Sleeping by Myself' (video)
Nearly a year and a half after delivering his solo set Ukulele Songs, Eddie Vedder has released a quick clip for "Sleeping By Myself" that shows just how one of those miniature, stringed-instruments comes to be.

While there are some shots of the Pearl Jam singer driving down a highway, the bulk of the clip takes place in a workshop where unidentified figures construct a ukulele. They lay the bridgework and glue pieces of wood together with a Dijon-yellow adhesive stored in a colour-clashing ketchup bottle. Once the strings get threaded through the tuning pegs and reach their perfect pitch, the video gets back to Vedder, who untucks his uke from his trunk and heads for a tuneful walk all by his lonesome.

Check it out in the player down below