Eclipse7777 Autobiography

Born on the seventh day of the seventh month in 1977, Eclipse7777 says, "it's kind of lucky ain't it? That's why they call me Lucky Sevens, but I don't feel that lucky, livin' this life, but what can I do?" on the intro of his album. The intro segues into the first track, "New York's Burnin'," which is motivated by a sense of helplessness born while seeing what took place in Manhattan on 9/11. Although the cut contains line after line of the miserable scenarios affecting the world, the overarching idea is to take charge even though one may feel powerless: "it's time to decide if we are going to stand up or stand by." Devastating global events touch Eclipse7777 profoundly, "New Orleans (God Help Us)," about Hurricane Katrina, is another such case. Although the chorus needs work and there are a few lines that could have been thought through a little further, the outro is profound, speaking to the root of the album and mindset of the MC from Niagara Falls, ON. Eclipse7777 answers his own question as stated in the intro. In spite of living a tough life compounded by being a struggling artist, solace comes when looking at the bigger picture. "All you can do is try to live and be the best person you can be." (Slinkityslink)