The Echo Hunters Cabin Fever

Montréal’s Echo Hunters have created the perfect cure for cabin fever with a deliciously varied collection of 12 tracks revisiting the strengths of early America, Crosby, Stills & Nash and the groundbreaking Harmonium of years gone by, revamping the formula to give birth to something altogether fresh. Key ingredients in their sound include strong lead vocals from Gordon Fleming, Larry Cassini, Kirk Fontaine, multiple acoustic guitars (Fleming, Cassini, Fontaine) and jaw-dropping harmonies. The delicate application of flute, mandolin, piano, fiddle and percussion add a progressive edge to an age-old blend that, when coupled with exceptional songwriting, results in a novel approach that eclipses their ’03 release and everything in its shadow. The lead-off track, "Walking Home,” combines the strong lead vocals, taut harmonies and wall of acoustic guitars that first gave wings to the seductive sound of ’70s California yet advances the substantial groove through progressive elements that add the haunting quality first pioneered by Cano and Harmonium. Fiddle and harmonica help set the stage for the reflective "Crumbling Into Rust,” while "We Are We,” a song in two parts, creates a dream sequence you’d rather not wake from. Their upbeat rejuvenation of Penny Lang’s "Ain’t Life Sweet” is a sturdy musical highlight, while "Take Me In” would render CS&N hopelessly jealous and "Second Chance” offers a muscular jam reminiscent of "Cinnamon Girl”-era Neil. Yet, despite these reference points, Cabin Fever is exciting in that the Echo Hunters have created something altogether original.