Earth Loop Recall Compulsion

UK-based Earth Loop Recall has put together a disc that maximises their use of industrial synth beats, despair-based vocals and savage guitar licks. It’s mood music. Background music. Blow up your speakers music. "Reconnect” launches the disc with sinister potential, brandishing razor-sharp guitar riffs and aggressive vocals wrapped in electric rhythm. Unfortunately this momentum is slowed by "Mesh,” the second and overly drawn-out track. "Petra Lena” continues the unpleasantness with a soul-sucking blend of rock star vocals and weak industrial synth. From here the album bounces back and forth from tediousness to ingeniousness with "Let Yourself” and "Like Machines” showing the band’s true talent — the ability to encapsulate their own sound. As with most new music, it’s difficult not to compare what you’re hearing to other artists. Compulsion contains elements of Nine Inch Nails, Pop Will Eat Itself, Tool and even Depeche Mode. However Earth Loop Recall show that they learn from their influences rather than ripping them off. Give this one a few listens before passing judgement. Compulsion is an effective release, and there’s room for this band to grow. (Wasp Factory)