Earth Crisis "Out of the Cages" (lyric video)

Earth Crisis 'Out of the Cages' (lyric video)
Socially conscious metalcore vets Earth Crisis are pushing animal rights to the forefront in their new lyric video for "Out of the Cages," the next preview track from their forthcoming Salvation of Innocents.

Put together with PETA, the clip threads together a series of cruel, vérité-style vignettes demonstrating the foul living conditions of cooped-up chickens, or cats and dogs at the pound, as lyrics about the horrors of animal testing scroll across the screen. The track, meanwhile, meshes jud-judding six-strings, brutally pounded beats and vocalist Karl Buechner's tortured screams.

Salvation of Innocents will now drop March 18 through Candlelight Records instead of the originally announced date of March 4.