Early Day Miners Let Us Garlands Bring

Recorded at his home studio in Bloomington IN, the increasingly busy engineer/producer Dan Burton (also of Ativin) returns with a timeless pop-folk waltz album that is beautifully dark and handsome, like a toned down version of My Bloody Valentine. The tone is autumnal in nature, hitting the highs and low of the emotions with great big spaces in between, making me wonder if the band members are psychiatrists or psychologists in disguise. The Early Day Miners also echo back to the wondrous days when Rex was king, and currently of the harmonic vocal brilliance of Low; where only in unison is the feeling of safety met. Wonderfully recorded and sweetly quiet, listening to the EDM is like sitting in on a Monday morning while listening to the rain gently hit the windowsill. Let Us Garlands Bring is the slow-core album of the year. (Secretly Canadian)