Early Ariel Pink Albums to Get Reissued by Paw Tracks

Early Ariel Pink Albums to Get Reissued by Paw Tracks
Last year, DIY champ Ariel Pink went hi-fi with his acclaimed Before Today LP. And though Pink may have reinvented his sound, he hasn't turned his back on his lo-fi origins. In 2010, the eclectic pop madman also reissued his early cassette FF>>, and now he's getting set to put out two more re-releases of his early albums.

FACT reports that Paw Tracks will be giving vinyl releases to 2004's The Doldrums and 2006's House Arrest. The former was originally released as a CD-R and was the album that got Pink signed to Paw Tracks, who gave the album its wide release. As the second volume in his Haunted Graffiti series, it was home-recorded and all of the percussion sounds come from Pink's own voice.

House Arrest was the fifth part in the Haunted Graffiti series, and like The Doldrums, it originally received a limited release before being put out by Paw Tracks in 2006. The label's press page says that it's "sorta like if you listened to your friend's boom box mix tape from Top 40 radio around 1985." We actually interviewed Pink about the album back in 2006 as well.

The reissues are due out on March 8. You can see the tracklists below. If you've been struggling to complete your Ariel Pink collection on vinyl, your hunt just got a little easier.

The Doldrums:

A1. "Good Kids Make Bad Grown Ups"

A2. "Strange Fires"

A3. "Among Dreams"

A4. "For Kate I Wait"

A5. "Haunted Graffiti"

B1. "Gray Sunset"

B2. "The Doldrums"

B3. "Envelopes Another Day"

B4. "The Ballad of Bobby Pyn"

House Arrest:

A1. "Hardcore Pops Are Fun"

A2. "Interesting Results"

A3. "West Coast Calamities"

A4. "Flying Circles"

A5. "Getting´ High in the Morning"

B1. "Helen"

B2. "Every Night I Die at Miyagis"

B3. "House Arrest"

B4. "Alisa"

B5. "Almost Waiting"