Earl Sweatshirt Now Home in L.A., Shares New Track

Earl Sweatshirt Now Home in L.A., Shares New Track
Well, it appears that "missing" Odd Future rhymer Earl Sweatshirt is now officially back home in L.A. After being supposedly sent away to Coral Reef Academy in Samoa by his mom and finally released last week, the young MC popped up on Twitter tonight (February 8) with a single introductory word: "home."

However, he also had a demand: "Nigga need followers. Give me 50,000 and I'll release this shit for everybody," Earl (or someone posing at Earl) tweeted, teasing fans with a 30-second snippet of a new song (which you can find in the video below). Sure enough, a few hours later, that demand was met.

Apparently a man of his word, Earl shared a new track called -- you guessed it -- "Home," which you can listen to in full right here

So far, there's no word on what Earl Sweatshirt's plans are now that he's a free man again, but Odd Future will release their OF Tape Vol. 2 on March 20 through Odd Future Records.

Now let's just hope Odd Future aren't just punking our asses with this whole "Earl's home" business.