Earl Sweatshirt Heading Home to Los Angeles?

Earl Sweatshirt Heading Home to Los Angeles?
The story of teenage rapper Earl Sweatshirt has been as confusing as it has been intriguing, as the "missing" Odd Future member was allegedly sent to Coral Reef Academy in Samoa by his mother. Earl then supposedly spoke out in support of his mom before Odd Future later called his statement into question. Soon, it looks as if the mystery might finally be solved, with Earl reportedly due to come home to Los Angeles.

Alternative Intervention Models, a program that aims to help at-risk youth through the arts, posted this message on its website [via Prefix]:

Why would nine artist volunteers from Alternative Intervention Models travel over 4,771 miles halfway across the world to the remote South Pacific island of Samoa?

Two words: Earl Sweatshirt.

Yes indeed, the allegedly lost and arguably most gifted young lyrical prodigy (known for over 10 million YouTube views before age 18), is on his way back home to Los Angeles where he will finish high school before launching the next phase of his widely anticipated rap career -- under the wizened guidance of Leila Steinberg, artistic mentor who famously first guided music and screen icon, Tupac Shakur.

The statement continues that the rapper has been on a "journey of maturation, imagination and hip-hop dreams" and had an "extraordinary experience" at Coral Reef Academy.

Go here to read the full statement and learn a bit about what Earl and the Alternative Intervention Models volunteers have apparently been up to.

Of course, we won't be entirely sure about the whole story until we actually hear it from Earl himself. Still, if this latest statement is to be believed, that could be sooner rather than later.