Earl Sweatshirt "Sunday" (ft. Frank Ocean)

Earl Sweatshirt 'Sunday' (ft. Frank Ocean)
While Earl Sweatshirt's star-studded Doris LP features the likes of RZA and Pharrell, it also includes another tag team between him and fellow Odd Future member Frank Ocean called "Sunday." Now, a stream of the single has arrived ahead of the album's August 20 street date via Tan Cressida/Columbia.

Though starting off subtly with organ swells and a muted kick drum, the track builds into electric-fuzz funk guitars as Earl runs off "painfully honest" bars about dealing with personal relationships post-fame. Ocean opts out of his golden singing style to rap about Grammy wins, hate crimes and how sometimes a sunny day just isn't enough to make him smile ("What good is West Coast weather when you're bi-polar?").

You can check out the collaborative track down below.