Earl Sweatshirt "Solace"

Earl Sweatshirt 'Solace'
Earl Sweatshirt released his album I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside just last month, and now the rapper has unveiled 10 minutes of new music via an epic new soundscape called "Solace."

The song was posted on the Earl-associated YouTube account dar Qness, and Earl linked to it without explanation on Twitter. The track doesn't have an artist tag and it's not clear exactly what this is or where it comes from, but Earl's rapping pops up at various points in the woozy, abstractly jazzy collage.

Last month, Earl told NPR about the track, saying, "I'm sitting on one. We set up a studio at my house and I did a little project real real fast. It's called Solace. And that, I'm just sitting — it's more for my mom."

Listen below.