Earl Sweatshirt "Death Whistles" (prod. by King Krule)

Earl Sweatshirt 'Death Whistles' (prod. by King Krule)
Coming off Earl Sweatshirt's recent team-up with Knxwledge, an unreleased track with a beat from UK singer-songwriter King Krule (a.k.a. Archy Marshall) has surfaced. The track, "Death Whistles," is streaming now.

The cut was recently premiered through Earl Sweatshirt and Knxwledge's Stay Inside radio show. It begins with a bit of pre-amble, but eventually unfurls a codeine-woozy clank of digi-drums and buzzy drones.

Earl Sweatshirt uses the nocturnal backdrop as the bedrock for his series of lines about speaking the truth, hitting the bottle, "off-brand" hip-hop clowns, and the unsettling sound of death whistles blowing through the air.

You can hear "Death Whistles" down below.