Eamon McGrath 'Pegasus' (album stream)

Eamon McGrath 'Pegasus' (album stream)
Prior to last year's Young Canadians, Alberta songwriter Eamon McGrath recorded a batch of demos and promptly shelved most of them. Those 2011 demos are available under the name Pegasus.

This collection of acoustic tracks includes the Young Canadians cut "Instrument of My Release" plus seven other tunes. Stream it in full at the bottom of this page and purchase a digital copy over at Bandcamp. Below, read a statement from McGrath about the collection:

Self-recorded throughout one week during autumn of 2011, began this session the day Jack Layton died.

More or less forgot about it, and shared it only with close friends for awhile, but since re-discovering this collection of songs I decided I'd let everybody listen.

I holed myself up in a living room south of Dundas with my acoustic guitar and a piano that a few friends and I had hoisted up our thirteen-strong staircase with the fear that we'd be crushed by the enormous weight of the thing at any second.

PEGASUS was the product of not only death, but also the prospect of it.