Dwele "Human Nature" (MJ Tribute)

Dwele 'Human Nature' (MJ Tribute)
It goes without saying that Michael Jackson's death has left a void in the world of popular music. The one positive, if one is to be taken from the tragic turn of events, is a renewed focus on the artistry of the music he recorded that got him into the rarefied air of superstardom in the first place. As most music connoisseurs who have been revisiting Jackson's catalogue over the last few days can attest, much of Michael Jackson's music stands up remarkably well to the test of time.

Nowadays the term pop music seems to connote disposable and forgettable, but songs from Thriller, the most successful studio album of all time released over 25 years ago hardly fit that category. Proof positive is this video put together by noted Detroit soul musician Dwele who put together this heartfelt "Human Nature" tribute (mistakes and all) to Jackson on the day he passed, in his home studio manning all the instruments. It's a stirring reminder that the simple yet intricate art of a well-crafted pop song cannot be denied.

Check out "Human Nature" (MJ Tribute) here.