Dusted "There Somehow" (video)

Dusted 'There Somehow' (video)
"Do you know who you are?" It's a seemingly simple but deceptively uncomfortable question for many, and it could well be the impetus behind the unsettling, skin-crawling clip for Dusted's spooky and spare and "There Somehow," off the Canadian performer's new Total Dust LP.

First, there's a young, lank woman in her underwear facing a sliding glass door. From the inside of her motel room, it appears as if she can only see her reflection, but a concealed figure in a parka stares at her just feet away from the other side. There's also a running van nearby. Back on the inside, a handsome, undershirt-sporting gent sits stone-faced on a bed unsure of what to do.

We're not sure if there's a kidnapping scene about to go down, or if it's some sort of twisted love triangle scenario, but whatever the situation, it's tearing at the girl's nerves. Combined with a slow-motion close-up of the young woman screaming and staring at the camera, Dusted's line of "whatever it takes to know you" becomes all the more extreme.

You can check out the psychologically scattered clip down below.