Dust To Dust Dust To Dust

Remember the M.O.D. video for "True Colours‚" in which the band was shown meeting with some record company weasel who's trying to get them to sound more mainstream in the hopes of obtaining popularity? Dust To Dust probably lived that scenario, but instead of sticking to their guns like Billy Milano, it would appear that they caved into whatever ideas the "know it alls" planted in their heads. I can just picture it: some guy with slicked hair wearing shoes, but no socks, firmly states, "You know what will really take this album over the top? If you go back and rewrite these songs so they sound like silky smooth and watered down versions of all those songs on the last two Type O Negative albums." Then, to placate the band's inherent rebellion, Mr. Shoes Without Socks then says "I know you guys are soulful artists, so I'm gonna be a nice guy and let you write a couple tunes that sound heavier, like Helmet, but don't make them sound too much like Helmet. Okay? Vinnie! Book these guys some studio time and see if you can get the guy who produced Disturbed's album on the phone!" (Sanctuary)