Duran Duran "You Kill Me with Silence"

Duran Duran 'You Kill Me with Silence'
English electro-pop vets Duran Duran have sent out another preview of their forthcoming Paper Gods LP. The synth-favouring squad's "You Kill Me with Silence" has them sounding out their concerns over being ignored.

The track feels like a sequel to classic Rio cut "The Chauffeur," and comes equipped with the same kind of staccato synth plinking and chilly vibes. Fittingly, Simon Le Bon quickly notes "You're thin ice / I should be on solid ground."

The rest of the song has the singer weighing in on "emotional violence" and trying to rationalize sticking with someone that's apparently trying to "drive another lad insane" via the silent treatment.

You can hear out Duran Duran's side of things down below.

As previously reported, the Mark Ronson-produced Paper Gods lands internationally on September 11 and on September 18 in North America through Warner Bros. Records.